Donasonic know how to separate. We can design and install bespoke systems, tailored applications to your waste and your capacity. For all waste streams there are tips and techniques that provide effective, efficient solutions, with Donasonic equipment at its core.

WEEE / E-Waste, PCB

A growing problem in todays world, are the effects of waste white goods, and electronic items. There is value contained in the materials, but it is costly to reach. Electrical waste (e-waste) includes; computers, televisions, monitors, laptops, phones, DVD players, etc. The circuit boards within these items contain precious metals such as; gold, silver platinum, etc. along with base metals such as; copper, iron and aluminium.

Donasonic can provide semi automatic systems for recovery of e-waste materials, and maximise the throughput for your waste household goods.


Cable Recycling

Recycling waste cable can be difficult. With our range of machines we can quickly save time and provide and effective system. Donasonic machines can effectively size reduce separate and segregate the valuable products (such as aluminium, copper, iron, lead and plastics) in your waste stream, recovering metals with nearly 100% purity.

Cable recycling can provide the highest profits, with Donasonic equipment at its core.



Reducing landfill volume or creating value from MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) is a necessary part of the modern world. In every country landfill is filling up, plastics are polluting our land and seas. We have solutions to sort and separate co-mingled waste, and along with our partner companies we can produce energy from waste (EfW, WtE) with a complete system.

Donasonic MSW processing can provide energy from waste through RDF/SRF, extract valuable materials from low value streams, and help to protect our world and minimise pollution.


Organic Waste

Donasonic can provide a one-stop solution to deal with organic waste. From out of date , packaged waste, manure and green waste. We can provide you with and end-to-end complete solution to produce gas and energy from waste.

Our solutions can help to reduce the plastic contaminants, produce additional energy and reduce the need for landfill disposal.


Oil Filters

Used oil filters are a forgotten pollutant. Current processes are out-dated and most of the contaminating oil is burned from the filters to clean the metal.

Donasonic have engineered the right solution, to better protect the environment and provide value to the contained materials.



No matter if gasoline or electric, transportation needs of todays world will continue to use tyres. Tyre recycling with Donasonic equipment enables the breakdown of scrap tyres into their individual components of rubber, steel and textiles. Using mutli-stage cycles, it is possible to achieve very high purity levels.

Donasonic can provide systems to reclaim steel, textile, rubber granules and rubber powder or simply TDF (tyre derived fuel).


Here are mentioned just a few applications, but if you have waste, we can sort it!

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