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Donasonic are a dynamic company that can react to customers’ needs. We have a rich heritage of design technology and manufacturing expertise through its established associated companies in Yorkshire, England and Hungary that already provide industry with business solutions globally.

Donasonic, Cutting Edge Design, Technology, Manufacture & Installation Services

With Donasonic cutting edge design, technology, manufacture and installation we provide a full range of recycling solutions for a range of waste materials that need disposal solutions. Our machines and installations will provide tangible assets and new revenue streams for both large and smaller project needs.

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Mayflower Engineering / Siam Recycling System / 3B Hungaria


Our team of experts work closely with you to identify your exact needs and provide the right design solutions for your project targets. Establishing the right mix of technology to meet your needs is our main priority in the design stage.

Followed up with first class manufacture ensure longevity and a sustained return on investment for the future and beyond.


We pride ourselves on giving a technical, detailed and full service turnkey solution. We aim to do this at the best price possible, without sacrificing the quality of the equipment.


With a rich heritage in design technology and manufacturing expertise, we are able to offer a range of robust recycling machines that fall into the categories of:

Single Shaft Shredders / Twin Shaft Shredders / Four Shaft Shredders / Granulators and Vertical Crushers

Solutions for Waste Recycling and creating New Fuel Resources

Our recycling technology is brand new
Our installations in Asia and Europe are proving to be highly cost effective and offering a huge return on investment and solves the important issues of waste management and recycling

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